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, san jose police are investigating that city's 9th homicide of the year that happened around 4:30 this morning. police say that someone called 9-1-1 to report a man was shot. the victim died at the scene. investigators are researching tout neighbors with home security system to see if the shooting was caught on video. >> firefighters in oakland douse add fast-moving house fire near the airport. we remain over the home on hunter avenue near eldorado street. firefighters will sanctioned parts of the road and that is dangerous. the oakland police officers called the fire after spotting heavy shot and flames coming from the home. firefighters got the flames out but the home was damageed. >> happening right now, san jose is now home to the nation's biggest increase in the minimum wage. the bay hike makes minimum wage workers there the third highest in the nation behind san francisco and senator -- santa fe, new mexico. >> sue? >> starting today in san jose you will start seeing a lot more advertising and decals that say "earn and spend in san jose" in the business windows because of
poor people from around the world. >> one catholic in san jose is keeping his praise for pope francis in check. >> i have a wait-and-see attitude because he has a reputation for being ultra conservative. that type of pope is not the remedy of what ails the catholic face. >> nancy pelosi, the highest ranking highest democrat in the house could not take her eyes off the event. >> there wasn't a detail about what was happening there, historically, in every way, that i did not have an insatiable appear time. >> being from san francisco, she is particularly happy he picked francis. >> he is everything they will looking for, a good leader, good pass door and good communicator. >> when we found that man, where he came from, his age, what his background was, that was all gravy and we got not only a great man but we got good gravy, too. >> vice president biden will lead the united states delegation on tuesday and house speaker boehner was invited but he cannot go because he is hosting the irish prime minister at the capitol and because of budget negotiations. >> st. mary's cathedral in san fra
they can to let people watch the memorial. if you cannot make it to san jose you can pay your respects including at kaiser permanente where you can watch the memorial service live and folks are showing up to do that. hours ago, hundreds of police officers let a somber motorcade procession with 200 cars made its way out of santa cruz this morning en route do a public memorial in san jose. five minutes into the trip, this is what the officers saw: hundreds of people lining an overpass to honor two fallen police officers. >> it is very movely and it makes me realize the officers put their lives on the line every day for our community. >> firefighter flew the american flag from their hook-and-ladder truck and stood at attention as the motorcade drove by. another made a sign with batch numbers of the two police officers killed in the line of cute a week and a half ago. >> this is the time when real character shines. it isn't when everyone is good. that is fun. it is in the troubled times that our true character shows up. i believe we have it. >> it is unfortunate this had to happen. >> the
officers on campus right now. >> happening right now, grief counselors after at a san jose hospital helping students cope with the death of a student killed by a caltrain. the 6-year-old was killed on tuesday near pedestrian crossing south of his station. family and friends are taking part in a vigil. james was a budding musician and posted this video online playing the guitar. his principal said he was everyone's friend. the medical examiner has ruled the death an accident. >> two oakland city council lovers could face more investigations after an audit found serious ethics violations accused of trying to influence things from multimillion dollar contract those parking tickets. abc7 news reporter, cornell bernard, is live at city hall. >> it is spelled out in an ought nature accuses council members of using their power to influence construction contracts for the city. well will hear from one of the council members in a moment. the 40-page audit accuses oakland city council member larry reid and brooks of interviewing with major construction projects of two teen centers and construction at
in guerneville on thursday. on saturday three died in police confrontations in san francisco, san jose, and union city. >> the series of officer-involved shootings is daze after the fatal shooting of two officers in santa cruz. this is a photo of detective sergeant loran "butch" baker with his family. detective elizabeth butler is a ten-year veteran of the department was also killed. they were interviewing sexual assault suspect when he opened fire. he was later killed in a shootout with police. in san jose is where a motorcade procession will proceed with the memorial and will include vehicles from santa cruz police, the sheriff department, firefighters and emergency responders. we will broadcast the service live here on abc7 news. >> it is a possible breakthrough in the fight against h.i.v., a baby born with the virus is now 2 1/2 years old and has no sign of h.i.v. while it is encouraging, doctors say more tests are needed before it can be called a true cure. >> it is a landmark case that could change h.i.v. treatment. the child born in mississippi to an h.i.v.-positive mother who had no prena
. more than 32,000 california eggs were dropped off at the san francisco food bank donated by san jose's egg ranch as part of the national effort by the united egg producers in feeding america to provide local food banks with fresh eggs in time for the easter holiday which is a couple of weeks away. >> people have sort of forgotten about helping around the holiday time, our support is very strong so it is great do have contributions like this. hopefully it will get other people thinking, wait, i have not been do volunteer or donate in a few months and they will come back and help. >> eggs are a prized item because of their high protein content. >> tens of thousands of baseball fans from around the world are in the bay area right now for the world baseball classic at the home of the san francisco giants' ballpark. the netherlands face the dominican republic and the winner advanced to tomorrow's championship against puerto rico. they beat the defending champion, japan last night 3-1. and angel grabbed the final out. >> that was a familiar spot for angel. >> looked familiar, didn't it? >>
-april but that is unlikely to happen now. >> relatives of a san jose man shot to death by police are outraged this morning. the officers say the man in a stolen car tried to run down an officer last night and ram him with a car last night. cornell bernard is in east san jose with an interview with the man's family. >> we are learning more of the officer-involved shooting which happened not far from here. the suspect is dead and the family is telling us they are outraged and demand answers from police. >> a white honda civic is towed away from the crime scene. the san jose police say it was stolen during a monday night chase. the driver used the car as a weapon, ramming undercover police cars, parked cars and trying to run down a police officer. >> the officer gave him commands to stop. the suspect continues to drive and accelerate. that is when the officer fired a shot toward the suspect the. >> the suspect was shot once in the head and killed. neighbors ran for cover. >> i heard the gunshots and ducked in the car. i didn't want do get shot. >> police are not revealing the name of the suspect but the fami
white jeep liberty was speeding away with her baby inside and san jose miss do not know if the motive was to steal the car or baby. >> we are treating this as if the little girl's life is hanging in the balance and we have mobilized every possible piece of equipment, personnel, resources we have available to us. this is the big one. we are treating it as such. >> again, police are following all the leasts they can and they say, understandably the mother is frantic without her nearly one-year-old baby. again, take a listen to this, a white jeep liberty, 2006, license plate 6bwk440 with this gorgeous little baby inside, right now, that is the latest from san jose. of course, we will bring you the latest on abc7news.com and on twitter, as well. with the latest from san jose, i am kira klapper for abc7 news. >> happening right now, festivities are underway to mark the opening of the long awaited devil slide tunnel on the san mateo coast. sky 7 captured the pictures of the completed half billion project between capital bay and pacifica. tonight, the tunnels will be open to drivers. abc7 ne
best rainfall totals are the greatest: santa rosa is .84. only .1" in san jose. >> the rain mean as winter storm warning in the sierra today. here is westbound interstate 80, the c.h.p. is requiring chains or snow tires on 80. you can see why. highway 50, as well, in eldorado county. this is heavenly resort at lake tahoe courtesy of lake tahoe tv and the skiers are enjoying the fresh snow. lots of it, lots of powder expected to fall on the ski resorts before the weekend. >> there are new details this morning about the man who shot and killed two santa cruz police officers last week. deputies say jeremy goulet lost his coffee shop job, sold his motorcycle and told the house mates he was moving out. police say sergeant loran "butch" baker and detective butler were at his house to investigate a groping case when he opened fire on them february 26. santa cruz police officer have invited the public to a casket viewing for detective sergeant baker and detective butler those on ocean street in santa cruz. the public memorial for detective butler and detective sergeant baker is tomorrow
are investigating. >> the san jose city council will tackle the growing homeless problem tonight. last friday, 100 people were moved from a tent city on spring street near the river. our media partner reports that city leaders are offering sweeping proposals and will look at more affordable housing and encouraging faith-based groups do storm feeding the homeless and find housing instead. >> still ahead, the new push to protect victims of sexual assault in the military. what a bay area lawmaker is proposing today. >> high profile hack job, a website is boasting they have personal financial information about celebrities from hollywood to the white house. but not everyone >> a victory for same-sex marriage couples in colorado allowing civil unions for same-sex couples has cleared the legislature. seven years ago colorado voteers banned gay marriage making civil unions the only option for same-sex couples. >> a congressman wants an investigation why the army dropped rape charges against a man who killed two santa cruz police officers. two army court ma shuls against the shooter were dropped in exchang
in seaside. a search of the san jose home turned up more than 1,000 video clips and photographs of children who appear to be under 10 years old. he worked in san jose as a substitute teacher from 2008 until just a few weeks ago. the union school district has notified parents at the school where he worked and police are asking parents to talk to their children about any contact. >> in santa cruz county teams are searching for a missing man who suffered a head injury. the 20-year-old matthew abraham was last seen by his parents on wednesday at their home in scotts valley. searchers will look for him where he liked to bow biking riding. he suffered from a concussion over the weekend. and a year ago a morgan hill teenager has been missing while walking to a bus stop near her home. the prosecutors have charged a man with kidnapping and murder although the body has never been found. tomorrow morning at 9:00, balloons will be released at the search center in morgan hill with a fundraiser held at 1:00 o'clock p.m. can you find more information on our website at abc7news.com. >> city college of san
not been released. >> san jose police just released a sketch of the suspect wanted for kidnapping a baby and triggering a state-wide amber alert yesterday. this is the woman wanted for stealing a jeep liberty from a san jose woman yesterday with an 11-month-old baby inside. she is described as hispanic, 5' 5", 150 pounds and dark hair worn in a bun. the mother thanked law enforcement for help find the baby, gabriella quintera, who was found safe five hours later. the police are processing evidence and asking anyone with information to contact police. >> we have more on the proposition 8 case, just ahead, and we will hear from a bay area legal expert to look at how the supreme court justices could be leaning. >> meet yahoo's newest employee. his age and the amount of money he has >> more now on the supreme court hearings on proposition 8 with very complicated issues before the justice in the hearing on prop 8. we will get legal perspective from an expert. >> and a law professor at the university of san francisco. thank i for joining us. what hints have we picked up during the 80 minutes?
from the low 50s to the 60s and sunshine in san jose. i'll let you know who can expect rain and when when we come back. >> all right, thank you. and we're going to show you these terrifying moments as a large earthquake hits taiwan. it sent young people and children scattering for cover. >>> and a possible ban on the sale of bottled water at some parks. what officials will replace the bottles with if approved. >>> well, you see those schoolchildren and office workers running for safety in central taiwan after a powerful earthquake. authorities are now assessing the 6.1 magnitude quake that was followed by several strong aftershocks. the initial temblor shook buildings in the capital taipei. emergency officials say a 72-year-old woman was killed when a temple wall collapsed. dozens were hurt. >> if an earthquake like that were to hit us here today, would you be ready? for tips on developing an emergency plan, we have prepared guidelines posted on our website, abc7news.com. >>> san francisco officials and environmentalists are teaming up to try to ban the sale of bottled water at the g
. >> shut down san jose international if a couple of hours early this morning and it is still causing delays at sfo. >> well start with live doppler 7 hd and you can see that fog is still thickest along the coast and sitting over the bay area. that is the key, the cooler water, the air does not rise off the cooler water so we are seeing the fog. we see the land in emeryville right now just if the last five minutes start to clear and the same thing as we look at the bay bridge, here, at least coming to the toll plaza and here, looking from emeryville you can see most of the fog sitting right on top of the water but because there is a breeze out there, the air is rising and pulls in the cooler air from over the bay so one or two of the fingers of fog moves ashore but mostly we are quiet in the south bay, this is 87, near h.p. pavillion and san jose is the first to clear out of the east bay valley never had the fog and north bay is cleared now. in the last five minutes oakland has gone from 1.5 mile to three miles and sfo from quarter-mile visibility to nine miles. the fog is just about over. t
for abc7 news. >> happening right now on the south bay a homeless sweep underway in san jose. police are clearing out 100 people living in tents on spring street near the river park. the city issued 72-hour eviction notices to people there earlier and removed everything from furniture to animals including a chicken. official say they will help everyone find a shelter to stay in and store property left behind for up to 90 days. >> new this morning, in san francisco, the 29-year-old driver arrested for the death of a howell high school student has just pleaded not guilty. she is charged with manslaughter and felony d.w.i. if convicted it is up to ten years in state prison after hitting a 17-year-old crossing the boulevard on saturday night celebrating her 17th birthday. assembly man and local officials are highlighting a gill to effectively kill gun shows at the cow palace which straddles the san francisco and san mateo county line. the bill would require approval from supervisors in both counties to move forward. both borders have repeatedly opposed gun shows. the last gun show at the
new, san jose, we will talk about the temperature. 356, not bad, with the sunshine and 54 in oakland and san francisco, and in the 60's in pleasanton and appeal appeal -- and palo alto and the temperature in the east bay will reflect sunny conditions and temperatures in the low 50's around napa and mid-50's at fairfield and gilroy and upper 50's around livermore and fremont. that is 680 headed from concord to walnut creek. here is what will happen with the storm. clouds will thick be and be mild and a lot of sunshine and a nice southern wind. steady rain tonight and chilly showers all the way into friday. that means we will get snow possibly down throughout 2,500' and small hail from the showers. this is the huge system coming our way and the reason we will be unsettled today through thursday and possibly friday morning. that is how long it will take the entire system to come through. here we are at noon with the clouds thickest in the north, and the timetable has not changed much, 5:00 headed toward the bay bridge at 7:00, and the festivities tonight will be wet. hope you get a chan
rosa and san jose a little bit and .1" in oakland and concord, and in the east bay hills the rain is moving through berkeley hills and rain is falling in mountain view at quarter of an inch and hayward and napa and san bruno at .04". it is moving from north to south across the bay area. clearing and cooler tonight with the air near eureka and a chance of rain possible next week. here is a look at a warm core moving through last night and now the cold front is coming through, the last push of the 1-2 system bringing us the final round of rain today. there is a boundary moving through the north bay and we will focus the study rain as it moves through, now until 3:00 or 4:00 in the south bay and the cold front comes through in the evening hour and moisture that is left will squeeze out in isolated shower. behind it you can see headed to thursday morning clear with patchy fog developing and the breezes kick in. notice how quickly it chases the clouds away from us and sunshine breaks out for thursday afternoon. hoping for up to .25" to .5" more rain in the north bay in the mountains ar
on the win, san francisco was warmer at 60 and oakland and san jose are at 58 and 59, and walnut creek is 63 and palo alto 59 and mill valley at 61. ocean beach as we look from mount tamalpais this morning, it looks inviting but the air temperature is warmer than the water with 58 in santa rosa and we have that in hayward and we have 60 in fairfield, and 61 in los gatos and livermore and napa, a warmer spot at 62 degrees. here are the three things to know about the forecast: it will be bright and breezy and mild if not warm this weekend and a chance of rain comes back to the forecast on wednesday and thursday so another great weekend to work outside in the yard and maybe wash the car and have the kids do it for you. you can see alcatraz, the golden gate bridge, you can get beautiful shots of the bay area. compared to yesterday, four to eight degrees warmer than it was. why is that happening? we have high pressure over the ocean that gave birth to a smaller one that moved over land and that is bringing us the dry and warmer offshore wind. for temperatures today we will be 69 in milpitas and l
with the rain yet. i will fill you in on >> santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> happening now, take a look at this, this is very interesting, police are searching for a burglar who tried to break-in to a deli. he forgot to cover his face when he walked up to the window and he comes back with a black stocking over his head, throws a rock at window and triggers the alarm, he freaks out, runs away, and trips. there he is again with his face showing. police hope someone will recognize who this is and give him a call. >> it is hard to miss the pants. >> happening now, officials are conducting the next-to-last snow survey of the season. today's measurements will confirm readings that show the snow pack is well below normal, indicating the snow pack water content is just 54 percent of normal. despite the russia -- shrinking snow, they are at or below snow levels which provides a third of california's water. >> we are getting a little rain but too little, too late. >> there has been rain this morning in the sierra nevada and we are looking at getting to the end
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